chug and david
Chug & David

Chug’s Root Beer & More (Est. in 2017) has a two part history that needs to be explained before you can understand how we came to be. The wheels were set in motion when the now owner, David Castle bought a puppy in 2012, a Chug. That’s right, our name sake is from Chug the chihuahua pug who is the most adorable butterball you’ll ever meet. (He is in store for every tasting, please stop in and say hi to him.)

The Root Beer Life

With that, the seed for the Chug’s name was set and after three years of working in the restaurant industry and bonding with his favorite pup, David met mentor Corey Anderson, the owner of then named “The Root Beer Store”. David had always been interested in the soda industry. He was fascinated by the fact that only a choice few make it in the business and loved seeing the happiness it brought to the community, so he signed on to be the General Manager of all four of “The Root Beer Store” stores. Driving back and forth between Lynnwood, Puyallup, Redmond and Tacoma, David met every kind of person and family, seeing more and more happiness brought to each customer that came in.

Wanting to engage with the community, he started diligently studying the different brands and flavor profiles until he knew each one and could explain to customers what each tasted like to best fit their preference. For the next two years, David continued to train under Corey and learn the ins and outs of the business. In 2016, after deciding to move back to Idaho to focus on his family and the online side of his store, Corey made the decision to shut down all “The Root Beer Store” stores.

Chug’s is Born

David had already planned on getting a franchise under “The Root Beer Store” banner and so it was with no hesitation he got together all his money with help of family and friends and kept the Lynnwood location open. The only catch was since Corey was keeping the online store, David had to re-brand. After racking his brain for a new name that still conveyed Root Beer with no luck, David sat down with brother and now Co-Owner Randy to figure out a name together.

The conversation got heated as they couldn’t come to an agreement, causing Chug to howl at them. They looked down at Chug and knew in that instance that they had a name all along. He is a Chug, his name is Chug, and you chug root beer. It was meant to be.